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Chassis is one of the most versatile types of trucks around and are commonly used to haul either containers or tanks. We are a 100% authorized new, rebuilt, and used chassis supplier in Malaysia. Our experts help and advise for the purchase of a new, rebuilt, and used chassis with your specific needs and budgets.

Our stock includes all types of chassis designed to haul any sized intermodal containers. We have several designs inclusive of both lightweight and heavy haul markets. Of course, our new, rebuilt, and used chassis are available with a variety of upgrades and modifications, superior quality, and functional.

We are offering a wide selection of new, rebuilt, and used chassis for sales and exceeding your requirements from all the major manufacturers.

Box Van 01

Box Van 02

Lorry Crane 01

Car Carrier 01

Wooden Cargo 01

Steel Tipper 01

Corrugated 01

Canvas and Frame 01

Box Van 03

Lorry Crane 02

Car Carrier 02

Wooden Cargo 02

Steel Tipper 02

Corrugated 02

Canvas and Frame 02

Box Van 04

Lorry Crane 03

Car Carrier 03

Wooden Cargo 03

Steel Tipper 03

Canvas and Frame 03

Box Van 05

Lorry Crane 04

Car Carrier 04

Canvas and Frame 04

Wooden Cargo 04

Steel Tipper 04

Box Van 06

Lorry Crane 05

Car Carrier 05

Canvas and Frame 05

Wooden Cargo 05

Steel Tipper 05

Lorry Crane 06

Car Carrier 06

Canvas and Frame 06

Steel Tipper 06

Car Carrier 07

Canvas and Frame 07

Steel Tipper 07